How you should celebrate Bunny Day (Easter)

Ah Bunny Day the day where we collect plastic eggs and celebrate Jesus’s legacy. Ah don’t stay home this year, 2021 is the year where you should risk catching COVID-19 and go to Church. But not for the reason you think.

The Church is Evil that’s fact

Every year they engage in hate speech and oppression. This year you can seize the narrative. Educate others on how it’s bad.

Do you have a group of friends willing to go to Church with you?

You should each take turns to stand up, disrupt the service, and call out the Church’s hate speech. Sit apart from each-other. One by one you will get kicked out and trespassed and banned from the property. But that’s ok because you’ll disrupt the service for about 15-minutes a person. The more friends you have who are willing to participate the longer you can disrupt the services.

It’s Easter the perfect time to troll xD

If you want petty revenge don’t do it on a normal Sunday – do it on Easter. People will get way more mad :DDD

What would Jesus do?

If Jesus is real and really who knows he wouldn’t approve of bigotry.

Disrupt The Day

Don’t let the Catholics or Christians Celebrate hate. Let them see what persecution truly is :))

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