Can I at least make phone calls on AT&T?

Looks like the answer is no. Despite being an AT&T Postpaid Customer on an Unlimited plan using an iPhone 12 Pro it appears that phone calls aren’t working anymore.

Today I got a phone call from my school on my AT&T line (I am a dual SIM user so my iPhone has a Verizon line and an AT&T line) and it was as if I was on a satellite phone. Anytime I said something it was a pause for 5 seconds and as then a broken up reply.

It’s getting to the point where AT&T network is non-functional. I may port out that number to Numberbarn or something and have it forward calls and texts because this is getting insane.

As always fuck AT&T, 5G isn’t real and it’s harmful radiation from the nonexistent network will kill us all 😆

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