The fact I have to second guess what I’m tweeting is a problem

Ok TERFS and Republicans you’re right Twitter is a private business. They have the right to do whatever they want. The government should never ever tell them what to do. Ok phew the dumb assholes are gone, let the rant begin 😀

Ok with increasing automated moderation and the fact I’m having to digitally look over my shoulder is a problem. Twitter has gone from a place I feel safe to rant on to a place I have to constantly second guess what I am tweeting and either not tweet or delete shortly thereafter

Say what you want I can’t really stop you anyways the fact I’m looking over my shoulder seems like 1984. I have to constantly guess if what I say will end up with my own Twitter account being nuked by the algorithm and gone forever.

It’s sad given that many people’s only publishing medium is Twitter and they don’t have personal blogs. It sucks that they aren’t necessarily in a position to complain.

This whole issue is problematic for a number of reasons but overall it’s thought control controlled by the corporation known as Twitter. I just wanted to write this short rant and talk about it.

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