AT&T Wireless needs to get their shit together

As you can probably guess I’m not a fan of AT&T but I wanted to rant anyways on a few things I find particularly frustrating.

It’s not exactly public but resellers such as Tracfone and WingAlpha and being forced to lower data caps on Unlimited Plans to 22GB. This isn’t surprising as they are likely losing money from people reselling their service. This fucks over resellers and makes it less desirable than postpaid.

It’s impossible to sign up online. Anytime I try to open an account their security check flags me and says I have to visit a store to complete my order as they can’t “verify my identity”

Honestly it really makes me wonder if AT&T actively is trying to push customers to its competitors. They seem like they’re struggling to keep up with demand. My iPhone and iPad on the family plan struggles to load webpages and stuff over AT&T whereas Verizon and T-Mobile don’t have issues.

Overall I want to see our telecommunications companies be a bit more honest rather than hide things. I can’t prove AT&T is trying to block signups from new customers but it sure looks like it.