Cloudflare has started the initial rollout of its censorship product

Today I woke up to the news that Cloudflare, a company I’ve associated with freedom of expression for a while, has developed a product for enterprises to control internet access (a web filter). It does not only support DNS filtering but also filters HTTPS traffic. You should go read their blog post to learn more about how advanced this web filtering technology is. They are marketing this as anti-virus product for enterprises. I doubt it will stay this way. They support blocking categories such as social media and public cloud file storage. Being a cybersecurity company Cloudflare knows their shit. I have no doubt they will

I estimate within a year Cloudflare will put this tech in a network gateway box and sell it to nation states such as China and Turkey

This product likely has good intentions, organizations will eventually be unhappy with a cloud product and ask for it to be a network gateway appliance box. To please shareholders, Cloudflare will at first push back, and eventually comply. But like OpenDNS, Zscaler, and Barracuda nation states will buy up these boxes in bulk from suppliers who turn a blind eye and ignore their promise to not sell to governments. The only difference is Cloudflare will now make a profit from the censorship business.

Time to start pulling my domains from Cloudflare

Thankfully I have other options for DNS Hosting and DDoS Protection. I am not going to keep supporting Cloudflare while they engage in targeted censorship activities. They’ve stepped away from their former values and cannot continue to be trusted.

The incoming attack data they gain from my zones is far more valuable than the $30/month they could make from my Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Pro subscriptions. Everything is getting pulled as quickly as time allows.