Did a mental health support Discord Server just ban me for being Queer?

What’s up everyone just wanted to write up a short rant about some Discord drama. I posted a thread about this on Twitter but as with Twitter threads can be taken down and accounts deleted by the moderation robots so I’m posting it here. Sometime today February 27th, 2021 I was banned from a the Discord Community DevsHelpingDevs, I was promptly blocked on Twitter by the main account and a moderator (who initially invited me to the server) I thought was a friend. Before I continue please do not seek out or harass the moderators of this server. I do not have any intention of rejoining even if they invited me back and apologized to me.

What is DevsHelpingDevs?

Screenshot of the DevsHelpingDevs Twitter Bio

DevsHelpingDevs is a Discord server that describes themselves as a community based mental health support platform for Software Developers. Throughout my time in their Discord server everyone seemed kind, helpful, supportive and were nice even on bad days to me. It was a fun place to hang out and I thought people there were my friends. I was mistaken.

What were my final interactions with people in the server?

A drawing of two anime girls laying on a couch. One girl is on top of the other girl on a couch. She is titled "she/her girls". The girl below her is titled "they/them girls".
The meme

It would be unfair to complain and not show final interactions. Being I had no expectation I’d ever be banned or even warned, I don’t have screenshots of the chats and cannot read messages in the server as I am banned from it. Yesterday in the “Talk about anything” channel I briefly discussed applying for a job at the Question and Answer website Quora. I also in the “Wholesome pics” channel alongside more photos of my pet dog, I posted a meme I made which is also wholesome in my opinion. The meme clearly implies a queer relationship between the two anime girls. This meme has been shared in many queer spaces with the text of the two characters being changed. It is very popular to share on Trans Twitter.

So why was I banned from the Discord server?

Good question, I don’t know the answer to it, there is no official reason that I know of, as unfortunately the moderators did not a give me a reason nor did I even receive a notification I’d been banned. Instead the Twitter account of DevsHelpingDevs and one of the moderators quietly blocked me. It’s sad because I didn’t even get to say goodbye to people I thought I was on good terms with. If I had to guess it would be because of the meme I shared and more-so that there is an unwritten rule in the community that Queer content is not allowed. A don’t ask – don’t tell – or you’ll disappear policy if that’s a way to describe my thoughts and feelings. This is only a guess and is not fact but the facts visible to me do not paint their community in a good light.

A lack of communication only leads to guesses as to why I was banned

After talking with a few friends about the issue, it turns out there are not a lot of reasons they had to ban me from the community which really narrows it down to the meme I posted. There’s not any other motivation they could find for a ban. This leads to the guess that potentially the meme I shared made some people in the community uncomfortable. It may lead one to the conclusion that any queer content is not allowed in DevsHelpingDevs. This is shocking for a mental health community for Software Developers which newsflash a large percentile of Software Developers are Queer or Transgender or Non-binary in one way or another. And again to clarify this is only my opinion making guesses on what I can see and infer from the events that occurred, this is not proof I was banned for being Queer only that it looks like it. If you are Queer or Transgender or Non-binary and are invited to their Discord server I would approach their community with caution. At least until you good reason and evidence to believe otherwise.

So now it’s time to find another Discord community to make friends in

Feel free to Direct Message me on Twitter or Discord (catgirl#1337 – friend requests are open to everyone) if you have suggestions on where I should hang out next. Just make sure they are trans and queer friendly 💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️