Temporary Outage

Hey everyone, I’m posting this on my Twitter and redirecting the main site to it shortly but I wanted to give an explanation on why the instance is down for the next day or two.

What happened?

A former friend of mine who hosted the site on their colocation in Chicago no longer wishes to associate with me or host my services. They requested I move the site elsewhere. For those who know who this person is please do not harass them, they’re not obligated to provide me with free services and I would not expect anyone to do so. It’s sad how things turned out with them but I’m moving on. I already have a new server purchased and do not need additional donations to continue running the instance.

Within the next few days I will restore the database backup I made to a new server although given the nature of the instance it may take a few days to get everything back up and running. The service configuration is extremely complex and will take several hours for this task alone.

Was there any data loss?

All media content is stored on my personal Wasabi Cloud Account, this includes uploaded images, videos, as well as daily database backups. None of your data is at risk and a command was run to erase the data from the now old server.

What’s your current estimate for when the service is restored?

I am hoping that within a day or two things can go back to normal with the instance and users can be happy again. Until then stay safe and apologies for the inconvenience. Things will be fixed as soon as possible.